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Angelic Clock

In choosing this image of a clock, I was marveled by the work that was made around it.  The golden image gives off a sense of royalty as though from an ancient time.  There is an angel or a cherub that stand at the top of the clock, embroidered with what appeared to be a shape of a har.  To the right of the clock sits a young woman, of whom seems to be of a higher class structure.  She sits in peace, pondering over the angel above her.  The clock is embroidered with several leaves and flowers, and distinct design as well.

There is a mechanical display of cooperation between two levels of being in peace with one another.  The angel of the heavenly realm, and the young woman of the world, are amidst each other in peace, just in the same way the clock works functionally in ordered fashion that controls stability throughout time.

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~ by renyvarughese on October 19, 2010.

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