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God-like Science

Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein displays the character of Victor Frankenstein as a unique creator, who is instilled with the power to create life- which is unlike any technological artiest we have encountered earlier in our coursework.  Frankenstein plays a God-like role in his creation, of which is greatly relevant to the story of Adam and Eve in several aspects of the story.  Frankenstein’s eagerness to gain knowledge to his fullest potential and his curiosity to apply such knowledge in his own scientific advancement and discovery, paves the path for the reader’s understanding of Frankenstein to be a character with the capability to achieve more than what one may normally set out to do with one’s abundance of knowledge and theoretical views.

“So much has been done, exclaimed the soul of Frankenstein—more, far more, will I achieve; treading in the steps already marked, I will pioneer a new way, explore unknown powers, and unfold to the world the deepest mysteries of creation”(33).

Frankenstein is very self-driven and motivated to utilize his knowledge, as he gains a firm understanding from his professors and alchemists of whom he researched thoroughly about science.  Frankenstein’s curiosity of the “secret life” leads him to put together a mysterious creature out of old body parts.  His ability to give life goes past understanding- as he defines the word “creator” itself.  He has the power to create and provide a sense of being, to what were once bones that were decaying and old.

Frankenstein plays a God-like character, as he is the one to give life to his creation.  Just as God is seen to create Adam out of dirt- which is an inanimate object; Frankenstein, likewise, creates this monster out of bones of what was once life, but is now inanimate.  Such powers, shows dedication and work in part of Frankenstein, as he had put much effort and care into his creation- whether his underlying motives may have been through curiosity and wonder.

As a relevant figure to the Biblical God, Frankenstein is also asked by his creation for a counterpart, just as Adam longed for his female counterpart in the Biblical story.  Frankenstein’s creation also shows a great sense of anger, and emotions, just like the Biblical God’s creation has shown throughout the Bible. 

Victor Frankenstein is indeed a different creator than ever seen before, but as we venture onward in the reading, his curiosity, wonder, and eagerness leads him to his own destruction, as such longing for a power that is beyond human control and understanding is shown to be far greater than any human can handle.  Frankenstein’s creation of a monster, not only destroys himself, but also those who are closest to his relation.  The God-like powers of which Frankenstein sought after, and achieved is revealed to be perhaps too much for even the creator, such as himself, to be able to maintain, even while playing a God-like figure.

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